Tactical Services

We often refer to these services as ‘Rules of Engagement.’ In simple terms these are the formal structures necessary for the operation and protection of both your business and your people.

Employee terms and conditions

Creating a legal relationship, these terms and conditions must set clear expectations for all parties as they create a platform of operating certainty for both the employer and the employee.

We can help establish these or work through the process when they have not been implemented and issues arise.


Employee policies and procedures

Often not as simple, as they appear as they also include behavioural structures, as well as functional ones. these policies and procedures provide descriptions of how all employees, regardless of job description or title, are expected to conduct themselves.

These are typically developed by a company’s human resources (HR) department and distributed to all employees when they commence employment. Where issues arise or conflict occurs, we can help manage the process by addressing issues not people and refer to formal documents for support.

Position descriptions

In functional terms, these are written statements that describe the duties, responsibilities, required qualifications, and reporting relationships of a particular job. They also highlight expected behaviours as part of that role and indeed as part of the company’s culture. Our experience has also shown they must describe what the job is –  not what it was or might be. Clarity is essential and we can work with you to create appropriate descriptions to minimise future challenges.

Team structure

Team structure is an integral part of any organisation. Indeed, a properly structured team can vastly improve business outcomes. We help businesses with the structure of these teams to ensure they are formalised, coherent and goal directed. As part of this we also believe influences the organisational psychology of the current team and the business culture.

Behavioural profiling

While often thought of in the realms of criminal justice, behavioural profiling is also applied within the context of business operations. It is essentially a process of extrapolating information about a person or persons based on known traits or tendencies. We use this as powerful tool it allows us to identify and measure the characteristics and preferences of not only individuals, but the elements required to build team cohesion. This enables teams to perform at higher and more cohesive levels, helping to resolve communication deficits.

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