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At Robin Human Capital we believe there are a number of core elements that businesses require in order to control risk in regard to their employees, manage the legal requirements in regards to engaging employees, and as well as creating an environment that is fair and equitable and empowers employees to perform.

“Rules of Engagement”

You’ll often hear us refer to these aspects as the “Rules of Engagement”!


What we offer :

Our Services

Businesses are constantly evolving and as a result, these elements require constant review, development, and in some instances design.

Having the tough conversations

discussions and process regarding performance, conduct and team behaviour.

Human Resources Audit

find out what you are missing, what needs to be updated, and what could be enhanced

Employee Lifecycle

from initial engagement through to termination.

Our Promise


we provide options and solutions that meet the needs of your team and your current climate


we actively avoid “Cookie Cutter” solutions and provide custom approaches that are matched to the stages of your business and team.


it’s not lost on us that some of the most difficult decisions you will make in business impact the people around you. We work hard to consider the people impact and put the “human” back in human capital.


we prioritise building trusting, and long-term relationships, understanding the importance that people in your business, and that you can be confident that we are aligned with your team goals.

Our Client Stories

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