“We speak to the business of managing your people”
Risk containment, the conveyance of culture, and performance alignment
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Robin Human Capital is a boutique consultancy

that provides a commercially focused approach to human capital management. We recognise that businesses small to large are continually reorganising when it comes to their people in order to stay capable, agile, competitive and compliant in the market.

Robin Human Capital partners with businesses in the areas of Human Resources, Industrial and Employment Relations, and Organisational Structure and Change, with a strong focus on risk containment and strategic alignment.

With a flexible and custom approach, we are driven by the prospect of substantially reducing risk and adding value to the businesses we partner with.

Robin Human Capital offers services that range from one-off, or project-based solutions, to working with your team to manage your human capital activities on a regular basis.


What We Believe

THE ROBIN BIRD – Its who we are

Whilst Robin is a family name, when we looked at the best way to represent our team, we found that the robin bird exemplified who we are and our brand. Folk stories tell of red breasted robin birds often being drawn to human activity, just as we are as human capital specialists. They are described as “the gardener’s friend” because they regularly return to the same garden, overseeing the gardener plant their seeds, eating insects, and protecting the garden from risk. In the same way, we build long term relationships with our clients, helping them manage through various situations, reducing their risk and supporting their ongoing performance. As a team we are proud to say that the robin bird personifies the way we work with businesses and their people.

It’s about People and Trust

Leading teams and working with people isn’t easy. It’s often one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of doing business. Working with a team you can trust is critical, and for Robin Human Capital building trust has its own formula – it’s a combination of Credibility, Flexibility and a little “it’s all about you“.


The team has extensive experience across all areas of human capital, such as human resources, employment relations, industrial relations, and managing significant change. Combined the team holds over 60 years’ experience and we are still passionate about what we do.


We provide flexible solutions based on our client’s needs, whether that be retained or project work, onsite, or virtual support. Some clients like to see us every week, others contact us at short notice when issues arise. We are happy to support and provide solutions in either scenario and focus on providing reliable and quality services in a way that meets your needs.

“its all about you”

The team at Robin Human Capital are focused on providing you with options and solutions that are aligned to the goals of your business, recognising the risks you are facing, as well as your current team climate and culture. We provide tailored and bespoke solutions for managing human capital.

We partner with you, at any stage of your team and business journey.

Robin Human Capital works to ensure that leaders can sleep better at night, knowing they are supported with practical and pragmatic advice, no matter the challenges, and journey the business is taking.

Our Client Stories

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