Strategic service & Industrial relations

Those in business know that managing people and teams is rarely ever simple. With a dynamic and fluid market and the need to constantly evolve, some challenges require a more strategic approach to manage significant changes and achieve key goals within your business.

We partner with your organisation to provide human capital services that align with your business plans, goals and direction

We offer expertise in areas including:

We also work with clients to identity potential risks in their business and support them in reducing or eliminating these risks from their business. :

These can include a lack of:

Business strategy development

We work with you to develop business objectives and your strategic business plan. We ensure that key human resource processes support and align with these objectives and plans. This gives your employees clarity in overall business direction and clarity for the contribution from their specific role. From the business plan we can further develop market, product and service and cost strategies to meet your specific requirements.

Industrial and Employment Relations services

Industrial and Employment Relations (IR) can be a minefield. When managed and implemented correctly, it can offer substantial benefits to organisations. Conversely, when managed poorly or not at all, it can cripple an organisation.
In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the nature of work – and by extension, risk elements, regulations and compliance, businesses must be able to manage ‘on the fly’ issues as well as longer term issues that can shape the workplace. We can help.

Our areas of specialisation include:

Employment Lifecycle Matters

Major Change


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