Strategic Human Resources & Industrial Relations

Those in business know that managing people and teams is rarely ever simple. With a dynamic and fluid market and the need to constantly evolve, some challenges require a more strategic approach to manage significant changes and achieve key goals within your business.

Industrial and Employment Relations (IR) can also be a minefield. When managed and implemented correctly, it can offer substantial benefits to organizations. Conversely, when managed poorly or not at all, it can cripple an organization.

We offer strategic expertise in areas including:

  • Restructures and planning / Structuring for growth
  • Redundancy Programs and Management
  • Change management and planning
  • People integration and merger activities
  • Employee consultation and communication planning
  • Strategic alignment testing
  • Human Resource strategic planning
  • Risk assessment and profiles

Our areas of Industrial Relations specialisation include:

  • Enterprise Bargaining
  • Enterprise Agreement Planning and strategy
  • Enterprise Agreement Bargaining and Negotiation
  • Document drafting and submissions
  • Implementing Enterprise Agreements
  • Industrial Disputes

Employment Lifecycle Matters

  • Employment Termination
  • Unfair Dismissal and Adverse Action
  • Performance Management
  • Award Compliance

Major Change

  • Consultation for Major change
  • Risk Assessment and Planning for Major Change

Business strategy development

We work with you to develop business objectives and your strategic business plan. We ensure that key human resource processes support and align with these objectives and plans. This gives your employees clarity in overall business direction and clarity for the contribution from their specific role. From the business plan we can further develop market, product and service and cost strategies to meet your specific requirements.

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are independent impartial and objective investigations into allegations of harassment, bullying, discrimination, unethical behaviour and other employee incidents. A workplace investigation is usually required when the allegations are capable of being substantiated and would invite disciplinary action. Workplace investigations can also highlight any breaches and concerns regarding policy.

Our experienced staff have significant experience across HR, Risk and Employment Relations. By engaging with us you can be assured that we are reliable at conducting matters of investigation thoroughly, confidently and with complete discretion and fairness towards employees; resulting in successfully finding the facts behind each matter, whilst mitigating any potential external challenges.

Post an investigation the team can also create helpful post-investigation support strategies you can use for your business’ future and professional reputation.
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