Strategic service & Industrial relations

Those in business know that managing people and teams is rarely ever simple. With a dynamic and fluid market and the need to constantly evolve, some challenges require a more strategic approach to manage significant changes within your business.

We partner with your organisation to provide human capital services that align with your business plans, goals and direction,

We offer expertise in areas including:

Restructures and planning / Structuring for growth

Being tasked to plan and implement a workforce change can be intimidating. We also know to remain competitive; organisations must be prepared to change and adapt. We work with you to ensure this transition from planning to execution is done in the most seamless manner possible while meeting all your obligations and requirements.

Redundancy programs

We understand these are not easy decisions and activities to undertake. We help you manage these difficult processes and not only ensure we meet all the formal requirements necessary but do so in a caring and considerate way. Where required or appropriate and to ensure minimal disruption to business continuity, we can also outsource and run the compete process on their behalf.

Change management and planning

The reality is that organisational change happens.  Planning for change therefore is essential. If you do not have the fundamentals in place, then your change activities will simply keep hitting hurdles. In the end, you will create uncertainty, insecurity and ultimately, poor moral. We specialise in organisational change management. From identifying potential behavioural and emotional responses from personnel, to developing an integrated change leadership methodology, we help ensure change(s) is implemented with minimal disruption.

Employee consultation and communication planning

Obviously open, honest and timely communication helps create a more harmonious and productive workplace. We help businesses develop bespoke, functional communications plans to eliminate roadblocks and unproductive behaviour due to a lack of consultation or miscommunication.

People integration and merger activities

Pre and post, business mergers impact your people both operationally and culturally. Clear and concise communication of the new strategic objectives and new vision of the merged organization is essential. Having to manage uncertainty and even fear will be common, and we can help you navigate these challenges and move through the process with minimal disruption for your people or your business operations

Strategic alignment testing and strategy development

To do this effectively we first understand the business’ mission, vision, strategy and goals. We then though measurement determine how well your employees are aligned and enabled to support the achievement of business goals. High levels of alignment lead to high performing business and we enable business to achieve this.

To perform at its best a business requires a well-defined strategy, as well as clear goals and plans to achieve it. Easily said, but its not always that simple to create a strategy and plan that address a 1,2-, or 5-year horizon for your business. Our team can take you through a guided process to create your strategic plan as well as how to embed in it your business, and importantly communicate to your team.

Human Resource strategic planning

There is no question that strategic planning is a critical part of a businesses’ success. A key part of this is the development of a workforce plan. We work with clients to develop a plan to attract, retain and develop the workforce required in order to the meet present and future needs.

Risk profiles

It is essential for organisations to consider potential risks. These can include a lack of:

These and many more need to be considered to mitigate current and future risk.  We can help!

Industrial relations services

Industrial Relations (IR) can be a minefield. When managed and implemented correctly, it can offer substantial benefits to organisations. Conversely, when managed poorly or not at all, it can cripple an organisation.

Our areas of specialisation include:

Planning and strategy

First and foremost, a sound and carefully considered strategy is required. This helps safeguard the interests of both employees and management by securing the highest level of mutual understanding and good-will.

From increasing output without dissent to improving both working and conditions for employees – ensures a business that can navigate even in the most turbulent times.


Effective negotiation as part of the IR process can increase operational productivity and employee morale and create sustainable long-term business outcomes. A harmonious relationship between management and personnel is always the objective and with appropriate and balanced strategies and negotiation, this can be achieved. Our specialist has 17 years at the negotiating table in single and multi enterprise environments.

Document drafting and submissions.

Critical documents and submissions to relevant authorities such as Fair Work or the lodgement of Enterprise Agreements, unfair dismissals or wages matters, must be criteria and content perfect. We can help you develop these to ensure they meet your precise needs.

Implementing Enterprise Agreements

A complex and often emotionally charged area, implementing Enterprise Agreements requires a detailed, planned approach and open communication with all stakeholders.

From initial discussions, to bargaining, drafting terms, voting, lodging and approval – each step needs to be carefully considered.

Let us help.

Consultation for major change

Change management is very topical but often misunderstood.

As an overview, we begin this process by:

We then look at the actual change process.

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